Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I always feel like somebody's watching me-e... (I got no privacy)

We all knew Wil Wheaton was a pretty neat guy... (after all, he does play strategy board games and was in Star Trek...)

But did you know that he's got a pretty cool wife too?

She, along with another person, have started a new trend. It's called "Vandaleyes." Let me show you an example:

Basically, you take googly eyes, and inconspicuously place them in public places.

Guess who got a bag of googly eyes today?


  1. Hahaha! Thats so funny! I've actually never seen a picture of Will Wheaton all grown up, but that's fun that he and his wife are so cool!
    Have fun vandaleyesing!

    1. This is actually Bethany - I forgot to log out of Becca's account...oops! :P

  2. Huh, I would have never thought of Wheaton being that awesome! Cool post. :D