Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer Reading List!

Maybe I should call this my June-July-August reading list, instead of a "summer" reading list...

1. To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf.
This one is my last literature book. I'm really interested to read some Virginia Woolf. Her books have interesting premises.

2. The Ankulen by Kendra E. Ardnek.
I've been looking forwards to this one since it came out!! Yay! I've been saving it for summer.

3. Autobiography by Agatha Christie.
Technically I've already been reading this for the past few months... But I took a bit of a hiatus while we were in Europe and haven't gotten around to picking it back up again. Soon, I will finish the book. I'm really enjoying it! Did you know Agatha Christie almost became a concert pianist? She practiced hours and hours each day when she was a teenager, but in the end, her teacher said that she didn't have enough courage on stage to be a performer. At this point in her life, she hadn't even begun to write yet. Her favorite subjects were music and math. She nearly became a mathematician too!

4. Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie.
I started this one, but then found out how it ended... But it's been a year, so now I feel like I can start it again. Plus, it's set on the Orient Express! Trains! Eep!

5. John Quincy Adams: American Visionary by Fred Kaplan.
I love JQA, son of John Adams. JQA was our sixth president and among those least known. He served only one term and people really didn't like him all that much. Probably because he was so outspoken and brash. I'm excited to learn more about him in this biography!

6. George Gershwin: His Life and Works by Howard Pollack.
Remember this book from last year's summer reading list? I didn't even attempt to read it last year... Maybe this year it will go over better!

7. Caroline and Rebecca American Girl stories.
These are the only two that I haven't read, and I'd like to read them before American Girl switches over to their "BeForever" dolls.

8. Something by Louisa May Alcott... Probably Little Women, maybe An Old Fashioned Girl.

9. Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery.
Once, a few years ago, my mom told me to read this book. I did, but I can barely remember it. It was right when I was transitioning out of Warrior Cats and Sharon Creech into Sherlock Holmes and Jane Austen. I think Anne of Green Gables was just a little too much for me at the time. I can't wait to re-read it!

10. The Code of the Woosters by P.G. Wodehouse.
Next in the Jeeves and Wooster saga.

11. Joy in the Morning by P.G. Wodehouse.
The next after The Code of the Woosters in the Jeeves and Wooster saga.

12. Thomas Jefferson Education for Teens by Oliver DeMille.
My whole life I've been homeschooled in the Thomas Jefferson Education lifestyle. Instead of making children memorize useless facts just to get through school and pass tests, TJEd, focuses on fostering a lifelong love of learning through mentorship. I actually don't know too much beyond that, so I'm really excited to read this book. Once I finish it, I'll blog more about TJEd! Though I may not know too terrible much about it currently, I can say that whatever it is - it sure worked!

13. How to Write a Short Story by SparkNotes.
This is a book that has been haunting me the past few weeks. It sits on a shelf above the computer that I do my math and Dutch on, so I see it nearly every day. It has made me increasingly more and more curious, so I've decided to read it!

14. Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott.
I'm planning on starting this one tonight. If I read two chapters a day, I'll be done in 22 days. Wish me luck!

I had fourteen books on my list last year. I read twelve... Though my list kind of changed throughout last summer. We'll see how my list changes this year! I'm a little worried about reading three very thick biographies... One a month? Actually that might not be a bad idea.

What are you currently reading, or planning to read this summer?

Live long and prosper!


  1. Well, you'll find out in tomorrow's Nightstand Books post!!! :) Actually, not tons. I have editing to do... and I'm afraid that reading has been too easy of an excuse to not edit. SO... less reading and more editing it is. (at least, that's the theory... but my friends keep letting me borrow books... they know me far too well....)

    1. Haha, right! I can't wait. Friends, or saboteurs? Heehee, kidding. Good luck with your not readin-er, editing!

    2. Saboteurs, definitely. But saboteurs who love me, so they're forgiven. :)

  2. My summer reading list is any book that happens to take my fancy. Yours is a priority, though!