Friday, December 20, 2013


Remember this post?

It snowed!


So what does Abbey do when there's snow?
She builds things! But not normal things. Oh no. Normal people make snowmen. I make... well... just take a look:

They are a nice family of snow people that my mom and I made in 2002. We made them while my dad was at work, so when he came home, he could barely get his car into the driveway.

Perhaps some of you remember this guy from last year?

This year I was going to recreate this (from Calvin and Hobbes):

But then I decided, why stick at that?
So I decided to create the scene from The Old Man And The Sea where Santiago is losing the fish to the sharks.

I wrote out a scene from The Old Man And The Sea to hang above it.
I was going to add a scene from Moby Dick in the background... but then it started raining.
Live long and prosper!


  1. That sea serpent is so cool! And the old man in the sea is neat too.

    Becca and I love making things out of snow, this spring we made a snow Dalek (maybe you saw the picture on our blog). One year with our cousins, we made a snowman in the middle of a road, and he was holding a stop sign. We really wanted to do a Calvin and Hobbs thing, and have a big army of them, but there wasn't enough snow. :(

  2. Abbey, you are so clever making these snow pictures.
    We do have more snow in MN...but right now it is too cold for snow to pack.
    See you in a few days! Grama