Monday, December 16, 2013

Doctor Who: An Unearthly Child

I'm watching the very first episode of Doctor Who ever! I thought it would be kind of fun to write a blog post while watching it...
Oh, there's the TARDIS! By the way, can I say how amazing the old theme song is? It's pretty cool.
Now we're in Coal Hill School. Aw, poor Susan... she's the teacher's problem because she knows so much.
Haha... The Doctor doesn't like strangers. "He's a doctor isn't he? Kind of strange."
Ah, so the guy's name is Ian.
Oh, there's Susan!
Her teachers are following her home. Though she's not there yet... so she's following them to her home.
Oh Ian, dropping his torch. At least it didn't end up in Narnia.
"It's alive!" (about the TARDIS)
There's the Doctor! Numero uno!
Haha, regular Doctor attitude showing. Some of his expressions remind me of clips that I've seen of Four.
Oh, they got into the TARDIS! Cool, a switch on the panel opens and closes the door.
Ian: "I walked all around it! It was just a police box!" They think it's ridiculous that it can go anywhere in time and space... the fourth and fifth dimensions.
Aw, poor Doctor and Susan, cut off from Gallifrey!
Hmmm... Susan knows more about humans than the Doctor. That changes eventually.
Haha, I think the TARDIS just took off and the Doctor is off chuckling while the two teachers are getting all angry.
Oh, now they're talking off - oh that familiar sound! It hasn't changed one bit in 50 years! I wonder what makes that sound anyway...
Through the time vortex.... Hmm, where are they now, I wonder?
Oh! Over already! Episodes are only 30 minutes long! At least this episode was...
On to The Cave of Skulls!
Well, I see a caveman. And he has a skull... and there's a whole bunch of cavepeople. They all have skulls too. They're trying to make fire... Without fire, they DIE.
Ian is on the floor, he just woke up from being passed out. The Doctor looks at him and says: "What are you doing down there?"
A bird is screaming. Some sort of strange Dalek bird? They're coming for me!
"It's still a police box. Why hasn't it changed? Dear, dear... how very disturbing!" says the Doctor. So that's when the chameleon circuit broke. Perhaps it was because Susan and the Doctor stayed in London for five months...?
"Doctor who?" asks Ian for the second time.
Hm, the Doctor smokes a pipe? The caveman snatched him for the fire. He forgot his hat. It's not a fez... but still, he left his hat! It's like when Carreidis loses his hat in Tintin.
xD It's so cheesy. But I love cheesy.
Now the Doc, Susan, Ian, and Barbara are in trouble! They are in the cave of skulls - it's a cave, full of skulls that have been split open.
The next episode is called The Forest of Fear, but I think I'll save it for another day.

Live long and prosper!


  1. Sounds like fun! The only first doctor episode I've seen is one with the Incas. And that one was pretty good.

    Is this your first time watching classic DW? Becca and I had a goal to watch at least one episode (or series of episodes) of each Doctor, and then when we find one we really like (which is most of them) we watch more. Our favorites have been Two, Three, Four, Five, and now we're on Seven, who we've just met and are getting to know.

    1. Yes, it is my first time with Classic Who! (Other than the clips that I've seen on youtube.)
      I really enjoyed it. Oh, that's a good idea - watching a series from each Doctor! I might have to try that... Seven seems like he'd be a funny guy, just based on who his actor is.

  2. This was fun, doubly so because I plan to watch this one soon. I start it, but it was only the first five minutes then I could never find the rest, but I finally found it on Hulu Plus. I think I will really like the first Doctor, he sounds like a kind of grumpy grandpa which I think will be fun to see.