Thursday, December 5, 2013




Only frost.

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  1. We got snow the other day, then it dropped to below zero and it hasn't gone up since. Four days of it, or three...I've lost count. But all of the snow is ice snow now. Want me to send you some? It won't be going anywhere till...summer at this rate. I can package some up for you and you can have an icy snowball fight.

    I've no clue what happened to November. But if you find it can you let me know? I think I missed half of it and would like to spend more time with it.

    Yes, you did see a farm house in the book trailer 8-D It makes me happy that you got it.

    Actually, Darcy yells Allons-y! in one of the books. i think it is the next one. I was writing one day and she yelled, "Let's Go!" And I started going, "She's French...she could totally yell Allons-y! and everyone who wasn't a Whovain would go, 'Cool, she is yelling in French.' And every Whovain would be able to go TEN!!!!" So I put it in.