Saturday, November 23, 2013

Happy 50th anniversary Doctor Who!

50 years ago Doctor Who, one of the best and most popular sci-fi shows, was created.

They had a special episode called The Day of the Doctor which played on BBC America, as well as in select theaters around the world. Since we don't have BBC America, my dad and I went to see it in theaters.
I won't post any spoilers because some out there have not seen it yet.
My advice to you is: go find it now and watch it. Go to England if you have to. (Okay, maybe not)
It was fantastic! Brilliant! And Moffat has gained major points with me.

The experience at the theater was SO cool. It was like a mini comic-con in there! You look around and there's the Doctor. You turn the other way, there's the Doctor! There were too many Eleven's and Four's to count. (Not enough Nine's and Ten's in my opinion.) There were TARDIS' and Daleks, and even a Weeping Angel! (Seriously, that girl would have won a Best Costume award if there had been one. She looked frightening like a Weeping Angel. When she came in, everyone went 'don't blink! Oh, I guess we can't blink anymore.') There was a Martha, a, Captain Jack, a Rose (in her Idiot's Lantern costume)

several Amy Pond's, and even a Wilf! That was hilarious.

Antlers and all.
Everyone not in costume was wearing a Doctor Who t-shirt (although several boring people were dressed as regular people).
OH OH! There was also someone dressed as this guy (from Gridlock):

She had done a really amazing face paint job!

Anyway, it was SO. FUN. And the episode was SO. GOOD! Go watch it now!

Also at the theater were huge posters of the characters from The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug! That was cool.
Speaking of the Desolation of Smaug... What's up with Thranduil in this picture from the official Hobbit blog?

He's like, "I'm fabulous."
AH! Speaking of The Hobbit, we got the extended edition and watched it! It was great! I loved the extra scenes they had in Hobbiton and Rivendell. Those were fun.

Anyway, I had a hard time quelling my inner fangirl today. Especially because when I got home I saw that they have a SHERLOCK SEASON THREE TRAILER OUT! And I may have giggle-snorted at the close-up of John's upper lip...

Live long and prosper! (Speaking of which, only two-ish years to wait until Star Trek's 50th anniversary!)

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