Saturday, September 21, 2013

The first book review since when?!

Title: Heist Society.


Author: Ally Carter.

Synopsis: Katarina Bishop comes from a long line of thieves and conmen. But she wants out of the life, so she cons her way into an elite boarding school. But it's not long after that The Life catches up with her and sweeps her back into the ring of secrecy.
Her friend Hale comes to tell her that her dad has been framed for robbing five paintings, and that he needs Kat's help. She has to find the paintings and return them to their owner, in only two weeks.

My rating: 6/10 stars.

Let's get the bad over with first of all...
What I didn't like/what you should know: There is one character, Gabrielle, who wears extremely short skirts and tight shirts... She's a flirt and let's people know it. She hangs on the boy characters.
There was one scene towards the end that changed my rating from 7 stars to 6, and that was when Gabrielle made up the main character, Kat, in a short skirt and tight shirt. Kat comes downstairs and the boys all stare at her. They've never seen her in form-flattering clothes, and it surprises them. They exclaim that she has legs and a bust. I didn't think that was necessary. At all. So, that's why I rated this book a six.
There's a hinted at romance, which is kind of annoying because there's a lot of 'his breath came warm on her cheek' and 'he stood too close to her, making her skin tingle.'
The book is about thieves who, obviously, steal, for a living. I wasn't sure about the morality of this... Sure, it was a fun book, but the Bible says don't steal. So the moral side of reading this book was a bit confusing.
My biggest problem with this book was the characters. They seemed half-baked. They were lots of discrepancies. Like one minute the love interest is upset because Kat brings another guy onto their team (to get the paintings back). He hates the new guy and is mad with Kat. Then, the next minute, he's totally fine with it and he and Kat are back to being great friends again. Also, the characters seemed more like 21, than 15.
There were some plot problems as well... I don't feel like we got an adequate ending. They should have answered the question 'who is Visily Romani?' Instead it seems like the author didn't know, so she didn't bother trying to write out who he was.

Now onto the good!
What I liked: This was a really cute, easy read, which is nice once in awhile. I think I would have enjoyed it a little bit more had I been younger, so that I could have pretended to be in this whole secret world.
I enjoyed the plot. It was cool seeing the characters running all over the world trying to figure out where the paintings were. They met lots of cool people on the way. Plus, it's just cool to have a book where characters go lots of places, and don't just stay in one place. It was a good plot overall.
It was really funny!
The cover is gorgeous.

Would I recommend this book? I would, to a certain audience. If you are looking for a quick, easy, fun read about a secret society of sorts, this is a good book for you! The romance isn't over the top, which was nice, and the plot is fun. There are lots of great one-liners as well.

Live long and prosper!


  1. So glad I have a heads up now. I've been thinking of reading these books, it is nice to know about things like that because I hate thinking a book is great and running into that. So disappointing.

    *Does the Vulcan sign back* KHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!! (Okay, so yours was better but I couldn't think of another quote from the movie. So.....)

    Your comment made me happy. 8-D Thank you. But thank you even more for being such a great friend and beta reader 8-D I'd say something sappy but I'm too sleepy and I used up all my sap. So I shall just sit here blinking myself awake and grinning.