Monday, September 23, 2013

"Snakes! I hate snakes!"

It's that time of year again... It's starting to get cold outside, and all the giant spiders think it's time-to-scare-Abbey-to-death time. It's that time of year when you just can't help but quote Indiana Jones.


"Snakes! I hate snakes!"
Only I'm shouting, "Spiders! I hate spiders!"

I was cleaning my room today and there were four spiders in my room... Five, including the already-dead one. And one got away. So now I'm left wondering... how in the world am I going to sleep tonight with a spider running rampant in my room? (I started reading Beowulf tonight, and the alliterative verse is getting to me.)

Somehow I'll manage... And now my room is clean, so that's nice. I gave it a nice vacuum, the best it's gotten in probably a year. That's where one of the spiders came from... I accidentally sucked it out of a crack. And then it disappeared through another crack. *shivers* Hey, maybe there's hope - it could have gotten erased from history!

Because it's Batman.

Anyway, I moved some boxes and threw away a bunch of unneeded stuff and now feeling accomplished! Only I'm not done yet. I have re-arrange my bookshelves yet again... because I've gotten more books. And I've gotten more paper. And they are all trying to share the shelves together. And it's not going so well.
I also have to change the dolls out of their costumes for the After the Twelfth Night book trailer, and into regular clothes again. And go through their cabinet and re-organize it. But that's a job for another day.

Well, I'm gonna go read now. Maybe some of the Star Trek novel... Or Return on the King. I'm nearly finished with it! Only two more chapters. I want it to finish it before the month is over. Partly because I've promised myself not to start more books until it's finished... Which is kind of messed up already with starting Beowulf today. But that's for literature, so it doesn't count.

Now I really have to go. Goodnight!

Live long and prosper.


  1. Eek! Spiders are definitely not my favorite. (Thank you Shelob for that. Also common sense.) We thankfully don't get nearly as many around here as you seem to, though! Happy spider-hunting :p

  2. Spiders are the worst thing to have loose in ones room - or anywhere for that matter. If I were you I'd have moved until winter came and froze the room - less chance of him living through a frozen room. Then I'd move back in.

    Since you didn't enter the song thingy, but you did guess one song, I can just let you know who it is about. *Nods* It does fit all of them, now that you mention it, but it inspired Darcy the most.

    Oh! A ComicKHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNN!! shirt would be so cool! That is a brilliant idea! Whoever thought it up shold get a cookie.

  3. I can relate. I just did a big clean of the basement... Every variety of spider was to be found. I was worried because Auntie Corinne stayed for a night in the room downstairs and she loathes them.