Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 4: A favorite TV show

Star Trek.

I know, you all saw that a million miles away.

What can I say, except, that I'm a Trekkie!

Here is a picture to prove it:


  1. COOL SHIRTS! But the girl in red needs be careful unless she is Scotty or Uhora...Ug, I've still yet to learn how to spell her name. The black woman who fancies Spock in the first two shows.

    I want to see that movie you mentioned, sounds like jolly fun! And the Enchanted Castle! I'd completely forgotten I've been wanting to read that!

    If I ever get the Inklings back up and running you can join if you like. All the original ones, the ones I was a part of, is gone but the blog is still about waiting for new members.

    The typewriters in Tintin's flat I find funny. As you know he didn't have one in the books and though it is reasonable to think he had one, since he was a reporter, I have a theory. In an interview with Jamie Bell he says he owns one and still uses it. I believe they just put the typewriters in the movie because he has one *Smirk*

    I missed the Cutt's sign. I'm going to look for it when I get the DVD in, about, a WEEK! *Squeal*

    I know a chap in France who owns the second season of Sherlock. I think it isn't fair, they get it on DVD and we don't even have it on TV yet. 8-P

    I love the oyster line in, "The Dying Detective." "Shall the world then be overrun by OYSTERS?!"
    The skull line was funny too! It was just so odd. I had to stare at if for a moment when I read it. "He covets his, skull?"

    I'm fascinated by Steampunk. I think it is my favorite genre. You can just do so much with it. My new series is to be a cross between Steampunk and fantasy.

    Spock in bell bottoms, I think that is the weirdest thing I've ever seen. The actor, he seems really really nice. I'd like to meet him someday I think

    My mum and I got my brothers and dad into watching Star Trek, but they like picking on it best 8-D My dad's favorite character is Helmsmen - the guy who always ends up dying - and I think he likes Chekov too.
    I've yet to see the new series. I want to see the new movie, mostly, I think because Benedict Cumberbach is in it. I think he must be good at bad guy parts, he is cast for them lots. He supposed to be the Master in the 50th Doctor Who anniversy. I was hoping he would be the Doctor. He's also in War Horse, I think somewhat bad in that one, though I'm not sure. I've yet to see it, though I've been dying to.

    Anyhow, loved your posts! And thanks for voting!

    A Bit Unlikely,

  2. Woot woot! I love Star Trek... xD At least Next Gen, lol!