Friday, October 28, 2011


Today my mom and I went shopping for my Halloween costume. Although I don't generally go trick or treating, I still like to dress up. This year I will either be going to a friend's fall festival at her church (which is a costume occasion) or I will spend the evening with my friend who had surgery (who knows, if she's feeling up to it we may walk around her neighborhood and knock on doors to get candy).
Anyway, I am being Tintin for Halloween.

Since there are no Tintin costumes (to my knowledge) for sale, and since I like to make, not buy, costumes anyway, Mom and I hit the thrift shops today and found a great pair of pants that match Tintin's almost exactly and a sweatshirt that matches great too. I have white socks, a trench coat, and brown shoes already. Now all I need is a white collar and a little white dog... Maybe I can get Rosey to be Tintin's faithful companion Snowy?
I still have to figure out what I'm going to do with my hair. I'm obviously not going to cut it and die it. We own a Hannah Montana wig that we might style to look like Tintin's hair, though.
I'll have to show a picture when my costume is fully assembled!

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