Sunday, October 4, 2015

Cruising, Part 2

You've seen what we did when the boat docked in port... but what did we do on the cruise ship?

One day, we sailed into Glacier Bay National Park to see some glaciers. The scenery in Glacier Bay really boasts of God's creative power.

Chunks of glacier in the water.
The Margerie Glacier; the largest glacier we saw.

It extended far back into the mountains.

Looks like a bird to me.

   On board ship, there was lots to do:

  Read. Play games. Swim. Soak in the hot tub.

Whale watch
Go to the bar. Go to the casino. Go to the spa. Listen to the jazz band, the classical duet, the BB King band, the piano man, or go to the nightly performance.

Hang out on deck
Play ping pong. Play Nintendo DS with your cousin.

Admire the towel animals the staff left in our rooms each night
And, of course, EAT! Along with the all-day buffet, the ship had a formal dining room. We had two tables reserved for us for dinnertime. It was so nice to eat all as a family! And, my, was it fancy! The servers pulled out your chair for you and scooted you in (speaking as a woman, it made me feel special) and then laid your napkin on your lap. Then, they would hand you the menu and you would have to pick an appetizer, an entrée, and a dessert. They would bring each course one at a time.
Chicken stew and biscuits.

Some sort of zucchini and cheese appetizer.

A fancy strawberry dessert.
The ship even had formal nights where you couldn't enter the dining room unless you passed the dress code. It was fun to see all the different patrons in their fancy dresses and collared shirts and the servers in their dress uniforms.


But the best part of being on board the ship? Spending time with my family!