Saturday, August 22, 2015

Where I've been, and What I've been doing

AKA, the post explaining why I've only posted thirteen times since the beginning of June.
The answer?
Because this has been the BUSIEST summer EVER!
The weeks following my senior recital at the end of May were spent doing... I can't even remember. But, then, my mom and I went to Minnesota for a few weeks and returned on July 21.
On July 26, we went on a ten day camping trip (blog post coming soon).
I returned on August 5, and on August 7, drove my parents up to Canada for my cousin's wedding and an overnight stay at Grandma's house.
We were home for a glorious week after that, but on August 15th, we left again! This time, for a week long cruise to Alaska with twelve other relatives (again, blog post coming soon).
Now, finally, we are home from all the trips we have taken. I would like a vacation from vacation, please.
Out of the 92 days in June, July, and August, I have been here for only 36 of them.
Now that classes, exams, recitals, AND vacations are all over, I should be around more. Hopefully.
For now, I shall say "Live long and prosper!" and go unpack.

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