Saturday, January 11, 2014

A rainy Saturday part II

I had just retired to my room to write when the storm passed on... The rain fell to a drizzle, the clouds went away, and the sun came out! Rats. I had hoped to write with the storm. Oh well... And then I saw a gigantic rainbow just outside the house, crossing the whole sky! It was brilliant!

I start to write... and then it starts getting darker. The light fades. I can't see the words I write as well as I could a minute ago. The light fades quickly. And then it starts storming again! Rain pours.
Now the rain is back to a drizzle. The trees are still dancing in the background, though... And it's gotten much lighter again.
My mom has brought the space heater into my room 'cause I'm under my covers. She's afraid I'll catch a cold. I won't. And I'm not cold. It's just cozy underneath the blankets. Besides, the space heater makes the air smell funny - like chlorine.
Now I'm listening to the music from Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake and trying to ignore the video that goes with it (an actual production of the ballet). I'm about halfway done with chapter seven and I can't quit now! I've promised myself that if I finish chapter seven, I can take all the books of my shelf, in preparation for rearranging them.
Back to writing!

Almost done with chapter seven and it's really dark now! And raining steadily again. I'm sure if someone were to come in and check on me, they'd tell me to turn a light on - I'm ruining my eyes. Maybe I will turn a light on. It kind of ruins the atmosphere though.
WHOA! It got really windy and rainy now! I turned around to look out the window and there was a branch flying past.

Now it's light once more. I think the sun might be coming out again. Here comes the sun, do do do do...
I finished chapter seven and am now writing chapter eight. Two characters that I was really looking forward to writing are introduced in this chapter. One of the characters I've known about for awhile. The other just came to me this morning. I'm really enjoying writing her. I've never written a character like this before.

Okay, time for a break... My hand is cramping up. Time to reorganize the bookshelf!

The shelf is reorganized (mostly) and I'm back from the movie! I really enjoyed How To Train Your Dragon! Now I know why so many love it! I loved the flying scenes... wow. Great animation.

What did you do this Saturday?

Live long and prosper!

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