Saturday, October 12, 2013

The one where Abbey does math volentarily?!

So the other night I touched on the awfulness of editing... Now I'll mention one of the fun parts.
It's great to go through with mom not only because she's super helpful, but also because we laugh a LOT. We'll come across a funny scene and both burst out laughing... Or we'll come across some horrible sentence that makes absolutely no sense or some bad typo and we'll laugh and laugh and laugh...
There's lots of fun times.

Abbey is using math in the real world!
My mom and I did 27 pages of After the Twelfth Night in an hour and a half. I was curious to know how many hours it would take for us to finish editing. We're on kind of a tight schedule because I'm sending for my trial copy on Monday and we have to get through the rest of the book before then...
Well, I did a quick calculation and put my findings into an algebra problem! O_O And I came up with the right answer! I can't believe it! Math is actually helping me in the real world! Before, I was always skeptical about how math (beyond addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division - the easy stuff) would help me in the real world... Now I know.
So here's my equation:

We have 216 pages left to do, and so far today, we've been going at a rate of 27 pages every hour and a half.
Turning that into an actual problem... (I couldn't find a division sign, so pretend that the dash means "division")

216/27 = 1  1/2x
I'll give you a minute to figure it out for yourself, if you are so inclined...

Now here's the process and the answer:
To simplify the above problem, you divide 216 by 27, which comes out to 8. Then you make 1  1/2 into an improper fraction and you're ready to solve. The equation now looks like this:
8 = 3/2x
Next, we have to get x by itself, so we take 3/2 by its reciprocal (2/3). And what you do to one side, you have to do to the other... So you take times 2/3 which comes out to:
Finally, divide 16 by 3 and you get...
5.33333333... (and the three's go on forever).

So, it will take my mom and me 5.3 hours to finish this edit, if we continue to do 27 pages per hour and a half (she says it's 18 pages per hour... but I haven't figured out how she got to that).
To make the equation even more complicated, you could add in that we have two days to get these 216 pages done... But I don't want to figure out how that works.

Mind you, I still see most word problems like this:

I haven't completely gone over to the dark side. I'm just happy I could figure this out!

Did you figure out my problem?

Live long and prosper!

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