Thursday, October 31, 2013

Come Along, Pond.

Even though I've stayed at home all day, I still wanted to dress up as someone for Halloween. So I chose an easy costume, that doesn't even look like a costume!
Today I was dressed as Amy Pond from Doctor Who. I kind of mitchmatched two of her more popular outfits... Jean skirt, with a plaid long-sleeved top, and leggings.

(Sorry it's sideways... I can't fix it!)

You can see my new haircut too! On Saturday I got my long hair chopped off shorter than it's ever been!


(Yes, I did turn into Geordi LaForge for this blog post.)
Anyway... I've been busy editing and formatting and doing After the Twelfth Nightish things today. If all goes well, I will self-publish tomorrow! I'm not sure whether that will be in the morning or evening... or even if it will happen at all. So far, we're on schedule, but you never know what will happen.
NANOWIRIMO! It starts TOMORROW! I can't decide if I'm excited or nervous. I am excited about Saturday when I'll hopefully be able to a regional event nearby! AKA, go write with a bunch of other NaNoers.
So what is my NaNo project?
The second book in my spy series. The plot for this one is that Daniel and Varina must go undercover and uncover a diabolical plot to destroy the government (though, personally, I think the government is doing a pretty good job of destroying themselves. They don't need anyone else... But hey, maybe in Daniel and Varina's alternate universe, America is headed in a better direction? You never know!)
More on it later... Tomorrow, or Saturday... or some other time during November.
Live long and prosper!

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  1. Nice costume! And I like the new haircut! Reminds me of Jackie from The Great Gatsby kind of.

    Yay for NaNoWriMo!