Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Top Tuesdays: Companions of the Doctor.

I'll probably re-do this after I watch the seventh season, so that I can include Clara.
Here are the five companions from the first six seasons of the re-boot of the TV show Doctor Who!

5. Amy Pond (played by Karen Gillan).


I. Love. Her. Hair. WHAT WERE YOU DOING KAREN GILLAN!!!!! Shaving it all off???!?!!?!! It was beautiful!!!
Anyway, Amy is an alright character. She didn't really POP with me and I liked her better when she was with Rory (or Vincent Van Gogh) as opposed to her with just the Doctor. I think she's a strong character (all the girls in Doctor Who are strong) with an attitude. As far as characters go, she's pretty cool. Not my favorite, but I don't hate her. And her hair is amazing.

4. Martha Jones (played by Freema Agyeman).


When I first started Doctor Who, I was convinced that I was going to hate Martha. After watching the third season, I pleasantly surprised myself. I really like Martha! I think she's a great character. She's got some great episodes (Blink anyone?) and grows a lot over the show. I like how every time she comes back (after the third season is over) we see her getting on in life and loving it, even without the Doctor always by her side.

3. Rory Williams (played by Arthur Darvill).


Rory only slightly beat out Martha and I'm even now considering switching them... But I'll leave him where he is. I like that the Doctor occasionally has a male companion, such as Rory.
After seeing seasons five and six, I can agree that finding a Rory in life would be great. I think he's a great guy. He wants to protect Amy but is slightly goofy and awkward about it. He's a very nice guy. Plus he waited for how many years for Amy?

2. Donna Noble (played by Catherine Tate).


I love Donna. I love how she's not the typical young and skinny companion that the Doctor usually has. I mean, come on, Rose, Martha, Amy, and Clara are all very young. Donna, though still young, isn't twenty or even twenty-three.
When she meets the Doctor (and at the end of the fourth season, *sniff*) she reminds me a bit of Rose's mum - kind of girlish and lost and cares only about gossip and stuff. But when she meets the Doctor, her whole outlook on life changes and she grows so much and becomes such a great person.
One of the best things about Donna is that she is not a love interest. She's the Doctor's best bud - his friend - his mate. ("You ain't mating with me sunshine!")

1. Rose Tyler (played by Billie Piper).


Alright, I admit, I do like Rose because she was the first companion I ever watched. But that's not the only reason I like her. I think she's got one of the more complex storylines in Doctor Who. Her family members and Mickey have their own stories that weave through and intertwine with the Doctor and Rose's.
Rose starts out as a shop assistant whose eyes are opened to how big the world really is. By the end of the first season, she simply can't go back to eating chips, working, and sleeping her life away. She has to be doing something big. And by the end of the second season, the Doctor has become such a big part of her life, that it's horrible when they're *spoilers* separated.
Rose, like pretty much all the rest of the characters in Doctor Who, grows a tremendous amount during the course of the show. That's why I like her.

Live long and prosper!


  1. I was sad about Amy's hair too!!! It is just SO pretty! If I had hair like that I'd slap anyone who came within ten feet of me with scissors.
    I am like you, I like Amy better with Rory. (I LOVE their story, it was so sweet and fairy tale ish.)

    Donna and Clara are tied for my favourites....eh, I think Rory is tied too. I love their friendships with the Doctor. I loved how Donna was like an older sister almost and how Clara seemed to bring out the grandfatherliness in him. (Ep, I must stop, I forgot you've not seen Clara yet.) I think you will like her though, she's adorable and a lot of fun.

    I need to give Martha another chance. I wasn't too kind to her the first time and she did have wonderful episodes. So, I need to re-watch her series.

  2. I completely agree with you about Rose. She's definitely my favorite so far, followed pretty close behind by Donna. (Donna made me giggle with her sassy attitude.) I didn't like Martha that much, partly because I wasn't too crazy about her being in love with the Doctor, and she seemed to be kind of mirror-ish to Rose. She grew on me, though. I liked her episodes, so I guess that made up for it. Especially the Master arc :p

  3. Make reviews for the episodes in the 7th season as you watch them! I want you to tell us what you think of them!
    My favorite companion is Clara... though I really like Martha, Donna, Rory (didn't dislike Amy, she was just not very nice all the time. I loved the fairy-tale-ness of her story though).