Monday, July 22, 2013

Camping pictures!

Every year we go to San Juan Island with our friends to camp, whale watch, and relax. So here are the pictures!

The camp (complete with one white dog):


"Blue tarp camper, you're one of us."

We celebrated my birthday while we were one the island. My request was lunch at The Hungry Clam (great restaurant. If you ever happen to go there.... get a milkshake. They're HUGE!) and then the bookstore. The island has two wonderful bookstores and they also had a library book sale while we were there. So I came home with lots of lovely books.

I'm the one in the Doctor Who t-shirt. And that's just a corner of the bookstore. The rest of it is just as packed with books. They have over 45,000 titles. 0.0
The beautiful sunset:


The critters!
A butcher on the island takes all of his leftovers and spreads them out of a flat stretch of ground; foxes, bald eagles, and ever a black cat come and take the scraps of meat. It's very cool to watch, although it isn't good that the animals are becoming reliant on humans for their food.
Black kitty going for a drumstick. Ravenpaw?
A gray fox. This is was sooooo cool because foxes are one of my favorite animals.

No bald eagles were coming so we went back to the car and got in. Just then, FIVE (all in the above picture) eagles came swooping down and started dive bombing the piles of meat. It was really cool.

"Why yes, I am rather fabulous, aren't I?"

"Mine, mine, mine!"

There are three Orca whale pods in the Pacific northwest: J, K, and L pods. This has been a very bad year for whale watchers because the whales haven't been coming by lately. We were lucky enough to see them two days.

Breach! The whales must have been happy because we saw at least five breaches! The whale above did three in a row! It was really amazing to watch!
And one last picture:
Ghost mountains in the background. The land to the left looks like Jurassic Park!
Live long and prosper.


  1. Oh, it is so pretty there! (And the book store, that looked like fun. All those books, piled everywhere.) Happy late birthday by the way!

    It looks like you had a wonderful holiday. It would be a lot of fun to camp there, and to see the whales!!! I've been whale watching once and since have wished to go again.

    (Oh yes, and about BenArgon, he is a good guy, though he was amused you thought it possible he could be a bad guy. He has a slightly warped sense of humor.)

  2. It looks so beautiful out there! (And I am so envious of that book store!) I can see you had a wonderful vacation. And your photography skills are certainly good!

  3. Beeeautiful pics.. the sunset (wow), fox (with lovely white-tipped tail), five eagles in one shot (must be some sort of record) AND Orcas (love them!). Our family waved wildly to your family from Salt Spring Is. aaah summer in the isles.

    1. And I yelled hello to you guys! So close yet so far away.

  4. I love the pics! I wish I was still there. I can't wait for next year!

  5. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I thought they were interesting.
    My kind of vacation. I am go glad you shared them.Grama