Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Top Tuesdays: Top Tolkien Dwarves.

Keeping with my Tolkien themed Top Tuesdays.... Here are my top Tolkien Dwarves!

12. Nori.

The only reason I don't like Nori (and the only reason he's last) is his hair. I can't get past the fact that he looks like a star up in the sky.
I do like his actor, though. His actor seems like a nice guy. I'm sure Nori is a nice guy as well... I just don't like his hair.

11. Bifur.

Mostly I just put all these Dwarves in random order because most of them don't have epic personalities... Especially in the books. Peter Jackson did a good job giving most of them personalities in The Hobbit and I think they will have even more personality in the next movies.
Bifur, again, has a really cool actor who seems like a nice guy. Not sure what's going on with the mini-anvil in his forehead....

10. Dwalin.

Dwalin. Haha. He's like the brawn of the group. He's super tall (for a Dwarf) and likes head-butting people. He's cool.

9. Dori.

Dori is Nori The Star's brother. He seems very nice in The Hobbit; he offers tea to Gandalf (who, if I remember correctly, refuses him and asks for some wine). Dori seems like a nice Dwarf.

8. Thorin Oakenshield.


(This is where my actually opinions start to play a part)
The Dwarf king. I don't remember him too much from the books.... He's a bit too serious for me in the movie. But I suppose he is kind of preoccupied with saving his mountain from a fire breathing dragon (think furnace, with wings).

7. Gloin and Oin.


Gloin is Gimli's father and Oin is Gloin's brother. They are pretty cool. In the movie Oin has a hearing trumpet like Calculus.

6. Bombur.


(Hee hee, I couldn't resist.)
Bombur is my second favorite in the book, but is sixth in my top movie Dwarves.
He eats. Everything. One of my favorite parts in The Hobbit is when the other Dwarves have to carry Bombur after he fell into the river in Mirkwood. I can't wait to see what Peter Jackson did with that in the second film.
My other favorite Bombur moment is in The Fellowship of the Ring (at least I think that's where it is. It might be in the end of The Hobbit. I can't remember) when Gloin is telling Bilbo about the other Dwarves. He mentions that Bombur has to be carried around by a couple of young Dwarves because he's gotton so big. Hee hee.

5. Gimli.


"Just keep breathing, that's the key!"
I love Gimli. He's hilarious, especially when he's with Legolas. They are kind of like Odo and Quark from Deep Space Nine. They hate each other but then end up getting along (to some degree). Plus I love the guy who played him.

4. Fili and Kili (because you can't have one without the other. They even DIE together!)

They are Thorin's nephews and the youngest (in the books. In the movie, for some reason, Ori is the youngest...).
Fili and Kili were always pretty cool in the book and in the movie they are wonderful! Why do they have to die?!

3. Ori.


I LOVE Ori. He is SO adorable! And he's very polite and shy and I'm told that he carries around a sketchpad... Though it has yet to make an appearance. He's just too cute!

2. Bofur.


Bofur beats Ori by only a smidgen. He is so jolly and funny. And he has a cool hat. He's great.

1. Balin!


The Santa Claus of the Dwarves.
Balin has always been my favorite. I'm not sure why... He just always has been, ever since my dad first read me The Hobbit. He's the eldest, I believe, and therefore has seen much and has a lot of wisdom. He's kind of like the grandpa of the group.

Now some random pictures:


(Dori encouraging his little brother to try "green food")



(Balin and Dwalin looking like they are cooking up a plan.)


(I have this as a poster hanging on the wall of my room.)

And to complete this post I leave you with.....

May your beard grow ever longer.

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  1. I have to agree with you, Fili and Kili simply cannot go without each other. They're probably my favorites of the band in The Hobbit, but I do really like Gimli so he'd probably beat them out by a smidge.