Saturday, January 21, 2012

West Side Story Part 2

9th thought: It looks like fun to play act a wedding with dress manikins.
10th thought: "Tonight" is the coolest song.... Five different versions of the same song all being sung at the same time... SO cool! =D
11th thought: I certainly wouldn't hug and kiss the man who just told me he literally just killed my brother....
12th thought: Weird but super cool totally random dance scene in the basement of an apartment complex type building!
13th thought: Poor Anita... Her boy friend was just killed and she tries to get it into Maria's head that the man who killed him is bad but instead Maria changes Anita's mind and then on top of it all she gets Anita to go meet Tony (the guy who killed Maria's brother) and then poor Anita gets wrestled around by some bad guys... Luckily Doc shows up right in time. Thne Anita lies and says that Maria is dead.
14th thought: This really is Romeo and Juliet set to music and dancing!
15th thought: I wouldn't kiss a carcass....
16th thought: Ok... the police are there... Three people died. Why isn't everyone getting arrested??

Overall opinion? That was a wasted 3ish hours of my life.... Other than the five songs that I really enjoyed, I really didn't like the movie. The five songs I absolutely LOVED! But the rest of the movie was just... bleh. I hate the original Romeo and Juliet. The musical version isn't much better.... Other than the five above mentioned songs.

So, now I will get back to watching the first episode of Sherlock online because it's a lot less sad and depressing than West Side Story.
Tomorrow is the second episode on TV! I can't wait. =D


  1. LOL ...Glad I didn't watch the whole thing then xD Oh yes, I agree with thought 15.

  2. xD I'm glad I've never watched it- sounds psycho. But hehe, have fun with your Sherlock watching!