Monday, January 30, 2012

A Mighty Fortress is our God

A drawing I drew inspired by the hymn, "A Mighty Fortress is our God."
It has the title of the song on the top with a drawing of a fortress underneath and the lyrics to the first and fourth verses on the right with the notes to the beginning of the song on the bottom.

I've been really busy lately with schoolwork. And a little lazy when it comes to updating my blog....
Our snow melted; and along with it, the Ogopogo.
Last Tuesday my World War 1 and 2 class started. I'm not going to say too much about it right now.... I'll save that for another post.


  1. I love the picture! Definately a 5 star... not that you can five-star things on here... hehe.
    OH NOES!

  2. I love that song, and your picture is lovely!!!

    Sorry for my slowness in answering comments. I am slow like that...

    Haha, I forgot about that Veggie Tales! 8-D

    I used to skip the whole movie in order to miss Khan. But my mum loves the movie and since we are watching the Star Trek shows she wants to watch it again. So I will have to just hide under my cloak. It is the best safety for things like that.

    I like the Black Riders and Darth Vader too. No matter how many times I see LOTR I get the shivers when the Black Riders come on. And the sniffing! EEP!

    I like villains like that as well, the ones that you cannot tell if they are good or bad. It makes the story much more interesting!

    I've never really read a book about Lewis...Everything I know about him I learned at the beginning of the Narnia Radio Dramas when his step-son talks about him. I do want to read about him, especially things on the Inklings. I am much interested in that.

    I didn't notice Cutts store in the Tintin movie! Now I want to re-watch it and find it. That is really cool they put that in! Did you notice the broken step in Marlinspike and the typewriters in Tintin's flatt?

    Have you seen more of Sherlock yet? I like the last one best but the first is a close second. I love the end of that one when he is telling Listrade who shot the man then realizes it was Watson and clams up.

    I loved The Dying Detective!!! I love the line, "Shall the world then be overrun by OYSTERS?!"

    Your books sound wonderful! I would love to read them sometime!

    Yep, I do Steampunk 8-)

    Now I should be off!

    A Bit Unlikely,

  3. God is definitely a mighty fortress! I love Him! :)You are a really good drawer! I love the picture you drew to go along with the song! Great job! I miss the snow. :( It was really nice today though, blue sky, sunny, and it reminded me of summer. :D
    See you soon!
    Love, ShiningHisLight97

  4. Poor Opogogo....I think I also spelled his name horridly wrong.
    And forgive my terrible lacking of vocabulary but what exactly is a...bulwark?

  5. I know that this has nothing to do with your blog, but how do you change your blogger pic? When it shows that I am following someone's blog, I don't have a pic! I have added a pic before! Can anyone help???