Monday, January 16, 2012


I was awakened from my slumber by the voice of my dad,
"Wake up."
"Hmmmff...?" I replied.
"I'm going to go take a shower now. We're going to leave for church in about 45 minutes so make sure your up and ready to go. And by the way, it's snowing."
I jumped up in my half asleep state and hurriedly opened my blinds. Wrong choice. White light flooded into my face and I stumbled back. It took a few minutes for me to adjust to the light and also to being awake. Then I was able to slowly lift my face to look out my window.... Beautiful, large, snowflakes were falling down from the heavens!
Here is what my backyard looked like at about 8:30.

Here is my backyard after church around 12 noon.

And finally, here is my backyard at 3:00 after I got home from saxophone lessons.

It looks pretty much the same this morning but there's more snow on the way! So the weather forecast says....

We left the house at 1:30. I climbed in the passenger seat while Daddy put my instrument in the back seat. I was gushing about how cool the snow was, literally. As we slowly inched our way down the hill that we live on, the snow got less and less. As we continued to drive downwards, it disappeared all together. Although the change in elevation wasn't much, it was enough to ensure the snow would stop falling. But by the time we reached our destination, the mall where I had saxophone lessons, the snow had begun to lightly fall - it looked just like salt!
45 minutes later saxophone lessons ended and we were headed outside. It had turned into a winter wonderland! A whole inch of snow had fallen, turning the bare ground white. And flakes were still falling!
I almost wished that I didn't have to to a baby shower and youth group... Then I could just play in the wonderful, beautiful, amazing snow!

Although I had things to do yesterday, I did find time to get outside and take some picture of my doll Jess!
Here are some of the highlights. I love this first picture... I caught Jess falling over.

Dolls in trees anyone?

I love this last picture because of the contrast between the green grass and white snow. The neighbors have huge trees in their backyard. The branches overhang into our yard so the snow hadn't reached underneath yet. Now, however, there is lots of wonderful snow to be found there =D

Sadly, the snow means that we won't be attempting to get to piano lessons today... Oh well, it gives me a chance to practice my music some more.
As I have been writing this post it has began to snow again! =D
But enough about snow.... I want to tell you about something else exciting that happened yesterday.
Mom and I were watching TV last night. After our program was over a commercial came on for Sherlock! Sherlock is a British TV series by the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). Currently there are two seasons and each season has three episodes. This Sherlock series is set in current times - the 21st century.
Anyway, on came a commercial for the first episode of Sherlock and what do you know, it was on next! I begged to be allowed to watch it and Mom let me. It was so good!
The story starts out with Dr. Watson dreaming about fighting in the war. The next day he's walking in a park when he meets an old friend. They get to talking and Watson tells his friend that he's looking for a cheap place to live but all the places in England are too expensive. His friend suggests splitting the rent with someone and Watson replies, "Who'd be crazy enough to move in with me?"
Watson's friend says, "That's funny. Your the second person to tell me that today."
Watson and his friend go to the other person to talk about splitting the rent.... And I'm sure you can all guess who the other person was!
Sherlock Holmes.
Soon, Watson is involved in a thrilling case concerning four serial "suicides" which actually turn out to be murders. He's amazed at Sherlock's powers of deduction and just can't stay out of the excitement.
As Sherlock's brother Mycroft said, "You're not haunted by the war Dr. Watson, you miss it."
I absolutely loved the show.... I can't wait until next Sunday when I can see the next one!
The first episode, titled A Study in Pink, is loosely based off of the Sherlock Holmes novel, A Study in Scarlet. I loved that the writers (one of them is actually one of the writers for the Tintin movie!) kept the original meeting or Sherlock and Watson so true to the book. There was also many things apparent from the books hidden in the dialogue. Sherlock was telling Watson that his brother Mycroft "Was the British government." I just read that line in a Sherlock Holmes short story!
I have mentioned Mycroft Holmes a number of times.... I loved that he was in this first episode. He calls Watson and tells him to get in a car or else threats will be made. Watson obliges and is taken to an old warehouse. Mycroft is there to meet him and tells him that he's Sherlock's arch enemy. Then, at the end of the episode he appears and Sherlock starts to talk to him. Watson, still thinking that Mycroft is an enemy, watches and is very surprised when the two mention, "Mummy."
"Wait, who is 'Mummy'?" Watson asked confused.
"Mummy - our mother!" replies Sherlock.
Then all is clear... Mycroft is Sherlock's brother and the two only have a petty, childish, brotherly, feud going on.

Well... I guess I should post this and go get ready for the day! and the snow! =D


  1. "Mummy- our mother!" xD Awesome. Hehe have fun with thy snow!

  2. LOL *is imagining a scene*
    Tall, Buff Dude #1- I shall shoot thee!
    Tall, Buff Dude #2- No, I shall shoot thee!
    TBD1- Oh you did NOT just say that!
    TBD2- I did so just say that!
    TBD1- I'm gonna get Mummy!

    Lol, I know enough Holmes to know that that is soooo not what would happen but still...It makes me giggle xD

  3. I love the snow!!!!!!!!!!!! We tried to go sledding on our sledding hill yesterday, but the ice on the road had melted, so it was lame and disapionting. I hope it snows some more today! The pics of Jess are really good!
    Love, ShiningHisLight97