Friday, June 12, 2015

New computer!

Five-and-a-half years ago for Christmas I received my first laptop.
It has served me well these past years.
I can't say that I treated it the same, especially these past few months. We started having problems when I broke off the little thing on the inside of the computer that you plug the power cord into. My dad and I took apart the computer and managed to plug in the cord to the loose plug-in-thingy... and we proceeded to tape the power cord to the computer, ensuring that it wouldn't fall out.

It doesn't help that my computer can't go fifteen minutes without it's power cord before it feigns death.
Then there was the unfortunate incident where I dropped my computer... Twice.
Now it looks something like this:

But, hark! do you see what looms in the background?
My new computer which is, happily, duct-tape free!
It can actually go more than fifteen minutes without it's cord! And it doesn't do this:

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