Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Nightstand Books of March

February was a month of great success reading-wise. I finished eight books, including all of the ones on last month's Nightstand Books!

Before I share this month's Nightstand Books picture, I want to say that I am not currently reading all of these. Even I—who feel most comfortable when reading three books—would not be crazy enough to try reading eight books at once. No, these just happen to be the book that are currently on my nightstand.

On the top we have There's Treasure Everywhere by Bill Watterson, which is a Calvin and Hobbes book. This one and Revenge of the Baby-Sat are the only two I have left to read before I've read them all this year.

Next is Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine. After hearing so many wonderful things about this Cinderella retelling from several different people, and since I love the movie so much, I decided to pick it up when I saw it at the library. I'm about halfway through right now and really enjoying it! Although, currently, I think I like the movie better... probably because I've been watching it since I was a little kid.

Below Ella is The Shadow Throne by Jennifer Nielsen. This is the third book in the Ascendance Trilogy and I am also about halfway through this book. This trilogy is blowing my mind. There are so many plot twists! If you haven't read them before, check them out! They are really good. The first book is called The False Prince. The series follows an orphan named Sage and his dealings with the throne of Carthya.

The Inimitable Jeeves by P.G. Wodehouse is next on the stack. I started reading this because I needed a Wodehouse fix, but didn't want to start anything new. This book isn't a novel, but it's not short stories either. It's like several short stories spread over several chapters.

Next up is 1984 by George Orwell. This is my reading challenge book for March. In my writing class we've read several of Orwell's essays and I like his writing style. I've never read any of his novels; I don't even know what they are about. I can't wait to start!

Underneath Orwell is Babbitt by Sinclair Lewis, another author I have heard much about but have never read. My history class just finishing studying the early 1900s, when this book is set. Wikipedia says that Babbitt is a satire of American's conformity culture, so it should be interesting to read, especially because of when it is set. The early 1900s are my favorite historical time period.

A Tale of Time by Diana Wynne Jones is underneath Babbitt. I love Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones so I figured I should read another one of her books. This one is about a girl who has to time travel to save the world... or something like that. It looked interesting. I'll probably start it after I finish Ella Enchanted and The Shadow Throne. 

Finally, Four Faultless Felons by G.K. Chesterton is on the bottom. Again, an author who I have heard many good things about, but have never picked up. I don't know if I'm going to get around to reading this one before it has to go back to the library. I picked it up because it was there, on the shelf, and seemed to be calling my name. It's also rather short. But I do have quite a few other books to read this month. We shall see. 

What are YOU reading?


  1. Ambitious as always! Oh how I wish I was as prolific a reader as you seem to be. I only read one book at a time, though. I'm devoted like that.

    Chesterton is fabulous, though I've only read one of his books (The Man Who Was Thursday).

    The Shadow Throne sounds fascinating. I shall add it to my ever growing list of books to be read!

    1. Haha, it's so funny because I don't consider myself a prolific reader! I know some people who read every spare moment they can find and end up finishing 20 or 30 books in a month. My 2-10 books per months seems pithy in comparison.
      I can't wait to check out Chesterton (whether that be this month or some other time)!

  2. I need to read some Chesterton at some point. I love all the quotes of his that I hear, but I've never actually read more than a paragraph or two at a time by him.

    I love Diana Wynne Jones! My favorite of hers is Charmed Life. I have not read A Tale of Time, I shall have to check it out! (I have been reading her books since I was in Jr. High, and am just starting to realize how prolific of a writer she was... my library only carried like 3 of her books).

    I love Ella Enchanted! Both (movie and book) are fabulous! Nothing like each other, though.

    I have heard whispers about the Ascendance Trilogy, but hadn't looked into it... perhaps now I will have to put it on my "go to the library and find" list.

    I remember liking 1984... but it's kind of creepy how ahead of his time he was... even if 1984 didn't happen exactly the way (or in the year 1984) the way Orwell predicted, it's weird how things tend to keep progressing that direction.

    Thanks for sharing your reading list! I enjoy getting ideas for book recommendations!

    1. Wow! That's crazy that your library only carried three of her books since she wrote so many! I had never heard of her until—I think—Jack mentioned Howl's Moving Castle on her blog. I read it and loved it and looked up Diana Wynne Jones and was surprised to find that she'd written many, many books! I think if I had found her when I was younger, she would have become a favorite author.
      It's crazy how much Ella Enchanted (the book) differs from the movie! They are both absolutely wonderful. I like how the book follows the Cinderella tale more closely.
      Yes, go read the Ascendance Trilogy. It's wonderful.

  3. Ohh, I hate 1984. Very depressing! Probably my worst book ever. I'll have to go through it again since one of my students will be reading it for school :(. I like Chesterton's quotes and philosophy, but am always disappointed in his writing - kind of obtuse. I've read The Man who was Thursday which was ok although a bit confusing, his biography on Francis of Assisi which I couldn't finish, and I have The Everlasting Man about Jesus. I love the premise and tried to read it, but got bogged down. I think I will reread it in very little bits some time. Right now I'm reading Uncle Tom's Cabin for the first time. I love it, love the style and descriptions and asides - rather heart-breaking though. Just finished Philip Yancey's newest book on the Vanishing Grace. Very good!

    1. Haha, oh no! Maybe a second (or third or fourth? You've had to read it before with students, I suspect) perusal will somewhat improve your opinion of 1984.
      I've heard that Chesterton can be a bit deep and confusing. It will be interesting to read one of his books and find out exactly why that is.
      Uncle Tom's Cabin is wonderful! I read it for a class a few years ago and have been meaning to re-read it. Maybe this year.