Saturday, November 22, 2014

NaNoWriMo day 22

I'm just back from seeing the movie Big Hero 6 with my friend and now I'm ready to do some writing!


2:47: I've only written two pages. But that's two more pages than I had half an hour ago! I'm going to try get to three pages before 3:00, and then I will go play a board game with my dad.
Listening to: Catfish Row by George Gershwin.
Last sentence: "No, she's not dead yet."

2:52: What does it mean to have your voice "thick with emotion"?

2:52 cont. ARGH! I can't write a sad, sappyish, emotion-filled scene for the life of me! Here I am, with a character dying of a poisoned wound... and I write. "No, she's not dead yet, but she will be soon."

*facepalm* ABBEY: THIS IS NOT MONTY PYTHON! YOU CAN'T QUOTE MONTY PYTHON IN YOUR NOVEL! Not only does it change a serious moment into a slapstick one, but is it also plagiarism!! *slap slap slap*
Okay. Eleven words in eight minutes doesn't cut it. GET GOING, GIRL!

3:09: Off to play a board game, and practice piano too, I think. See you later!

4:50: Back from the game! It's a really fun, quick, Star Wars card game. The Dark Side was victorious. >:] Mwahaha... I've written almost another page. That puts me at four. I'll get a fifth done and then go practice piano. Would you like to know what I'm playing?
Here you go:

5:08: Okay, I lied... I'm finishing up my six pages right now. I can't stop writing yet!
Listening to: The Friends of Mr. Cairo by Jon and Vangelis.
Last sentence: "He nearly scratched my eyes out when I wouldn't let him come with us."

5:24: There we go, my six pages are written for tonight, though I will definitely write more later. I'm at an exciting part! Here's a hint:

Listening to: Nothing.
Last sentence: They clattered through the town, receiving many odd looks, and then they were in the wild lands.

6:51: Time toooo.... start writing.... *some words in a different language* la la la la... LA LA LA, LA LA LA LA LAAAA!!! Time to start wri-i-ting...

7:22: Look, I made a pencil-shaving bookmark!

...No, it doesn't really help my writing... except that now I have a sharpened pencil!
Listening to: A Sarah Brightman concert on youtube
Last sentence: "I can't leave her alone" (unfinished sentence. Oh yeah. Sometimes I get busy doing other things and forget to finish writing and a week later I'll come back and find an unfinished sentence and I have no clue how I was going to end it).

8:55: I'm clocking out with nine pages! Woohoo!

NaNoWriMo stats.

Anyone else see Big Hero 6? Anyone else think it was super cool, but a little too sad for an animated kid's film? (Unless kid's are more resilient these days... That could be true. There were a bunch of little kids in the theater when I went to see Star Trek Into Darkness. Um, yeah, bad parenting decision, in my opinion.)

Live long and prosper!

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  1. *jaw drop* I better get back to writing. I just hit 26k. I have been writing every day, just not quite as much as I should.