Thursday, February 27, 2014

What ho, chappies!

I used to be called a picky eater. Now I'll eat almost anything. (But stick a bowl of spinach in front of me and you've lost me.)
I'm also a rather picky reader, unless the book has been written before the 1950's. Even then, oft times, I can only read a book if I'm 'in the mood' for it, unless it's for literature.
Speaking of books... I just finished My Man Jeeves by P.G. Wodehouse. It's the "early stories," so to speak, of Jeeves and Wooser, the most diverting "foil" couple that I've had the pleasure of reading since discovering Holmes and Watson several years ago.
Bertie Wooster is a rich English chap, living in New York City (at least in this collection of short stories. I think he goes back to England later on). Jeeves is his man, you know. His man-servant. There's also a TV series from the 90's, adapting the short stories and novels on Jeeves and Wooster, starring Hugh Laurie (it's strange to see Mr. Palmer from Sense and Sensibility so... cheerful) and Stephen Fry (the master of Laketown!).
P.G. Wodehouse is considered one of the greatest comic writers of the 20th century. His books (or at least this one) certainly attest to that! It is one of the most hilarious things I have ever read. And not in a Garfield the Cat sort of way... In a "This is brilliant, go read this" sort of way.

And I've been writing... not as much, maybe, as I would like... But I am determined to get this book done by November, so I can type it up/rewrite it for NaNoWriMo (though technically going in with an already written novel is kind of against the rules... but the tracking-your-word-count method works so well).
Anyway, I don't want to talk about writing.
Let's go back to books.

I finished King's Warrior, which is a self-published book by Jenelle Leanne Schmidt.
Wow, what a great book! As I said, I'm a rather picky reader, made even pickier when the books are self-published because you really don't know what you're going to get. I was very happy with this book, however! It was wonderful! The beginning was a bit slow, maybe, but then I got into the story. And wow that ending! And wow the characters! They were wonderful.

And I re-reading Pride and Prejudice for literature. Oh my goodness Mr. Darcy! I really didn't like him very much the first time reading the book, and second time I liked him because I knew what he was. He's never been my favorite Jane Austen hero (and still isn't) but this time, I'm reading the book, taking careful note of everything Mr. Darcy says and does.
You know what I'm finding? Mr. Darcy is a perfect gentleman! Lizzy has totally judged him wrong and is the one being rude! She even says so later in the book. Anyway, it's really super fun to take notes on one particular character. It really shows who the character actually is, without getting caught up in what's going on around the character.

More on that later, when I do my review.


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  1. HI! Striker was going to reply to your comment, but he sent me instead since you know me. (I'm Peter.) He just hates typing and this was his excuse.

    I've seen the Jeeves and Woosters while Jack watches them. They are funny. I didn't know there were books. If I was more of a reader....there isn't ever much time for reading though, when someone is friends with Darcy.

    Jack says you can call all of the people you named, but especially the Doctor and Sherlock and the Avengers. And Larry Boy. I've never heard of him but he made her smile, so he must be some kind of wonderful, fearless hero or something.....

    I'm falling asleep, so I won't say more. Bye