Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy Sunday to you

A storm is rolling in and I have a front row seat... I love looking out my bedroom window when I'm writing, or out the front windows when I'm doing Hanon exercises on the piano. There is a mini-mountain just over the peak of my neighbors house and I love watching the trees. Often they're not doing much; sometimes they're shrouded in fog.
Today they're outlined against a pale gray sky.
The evergreens one street over wave gently in the wind. I'm waiting for the wind to pick up so the tress dance a jig. The rain will start to pour soon too, pelting against the windows, and the wind will whistle through the fireplace.
Am I crazy for thinking it adventurous and fun living under evergreens during storms?
Anyway, I have my new story with me to work on.
Can you believe it, I filled one whole notebook already! Well, 2/3rds of a notebook, at least. The first third was filled with other stories. But then I started writing this new story... and now Notebook #1 is filled, and Pencil #1 is all but spent. I've moved on to a
new, Beatles notebook, and a longer pencil.
I've got my Grieg (Peer Gynt Suites) playing (perfect for fantasy writing) and the trees are now starting to bend back and forth... time to start writing!

~a minute later~

I'm about to set pencil to paper when I casually glance down at my pant leg.
Notebook goes flying across the room, pencil goes flying across the room... I go flying across the room.
Now the question is... where did it go? Several shivers and "ughs!" later, my dad is searching and I've shed my jeans (and one sock) for pajama pants. My dad shakes out my pants and sock... nothing there... Under the couch? There's the culprit! Get it! Kill it! Burn it!
Good. That spider is dead.
Forget about writing in the front room with a good view of the mountain... back to the kitchen where it's safe! Only now my leg keeps tingling and I keep imagining a spider crawling up it... bleh.
I glance suspiciously around.
I don't see any more spiders...
...time to write?

Several hours later, I did get a few pages written! Yay!

Live long and prosper.

1 comment:

  1. Mountains are the best thing to write in view of.

    Eh, that is how I react to spiders! Can't they just leave us alone? There are plenty of people who love them and cuddle them and think they are the best thing ever. Why not go and visit them?

    Did anyone notice your Hans Solo Valentine's picture?

    That is too bad you cannot burn your Math book. All of mine I've had before were like that. My mum kept saying my brothers had to use them next so I never got to kill them. It was sad. I plan to make up for it with this one.
    I know, it is very sad, how things work. It is okay if someone isn't very good at writing, but if you can't do Math you are doomed to have horrible jobs and never make it far in life. I kind of don't like how the school system is set up. If I could do it I'd have everyone do the basics up to about 6th grade, then if they knew what they wanted to do they could study those subjects to help them, and we wouldn't need colleges, which I don't think are really needed except for maybe doctors. And anyone that wanted to be a doctor could go and learn from other doctors.
    Anyways, I have a long school complaint which, surprisingly, one of my teachers agrees with.