Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Victoria and Dolls

Over Thanksgiving weekend my dad and I (Mom stayed home for a quilting weekend because she wasn't feeling too good) went up to Canada to visit relatives. First we went to Grama's house for a nice Thanksgiving meal of chicken, stuffing, beans, brussel sprouts, and bread, finished off with cheesecake and a pumpkin desert.
The next day we headed over to Victoria (which is on Vancouver Island) by ferry. It was a very, very nice ferry that made hardly any noise! It was very big as well.
My favorite cousin and his family live in Victoria and my dad and I had a BLAST with them! I never laugh as much as I do when I'm with my cousin playing Super Mario Brothers.
On Saturday we went sightseeing around Victoria. We first walked around the outskirts of the capital building which is HUGE and very beautiful. I hope sometime to go inside it and see Parliament in session.
Here is a picture, with a statue Queen Victoria off to the right.

The next stop was the Empress Hotel which had about a million Christmas trees in it all decorated with different themes! It was beautiful. The whole hotel is beautiful. Wouldn't it be fun to stay there?

Next stop was Craigdarrock Castle where my dad used to have "piano lessons". Instead of playing piano like he was supposed to, he hid in the bushes until his mom came to pick him up. The castle is amazing and although we didn't get to take a tour, I hope to next time I am in Victoria.

Our final stop before lunch was a mountain that was more of a hill.
Here is a picture looking at San Juan Island (without the camera zoomed in). Almost EXACTLY across from where I am standing is the Lime Kiln State Park Lighthouse where my family and I, along with some friends, Orca Whale watch yearly.

On Sunday after church we went for a walk along the ocean. There was a whole rooftop of pigeons puffed up, hiding from the windy and cold weather.

My cousin's dog Ruffles was a bit ruffled from the weather to.

And of course we had time to play a few board games!
Defenders of the Realm:

When I got home I found a Star Trek Spock shirt waiting for me! Thanks Mom! =D

Here are all my Star Trek costumes for dolls. From left to right they go, random Original Series dress, Captain Kirk outfit, Spock outfit, Captain Picard outfit, Borg Doll.

Just a few days ago I put all my dolls in their Christmas outfits and gave them fancy hair dos. Today I took a photoshoot with them.

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  1. Your trip sounds so fun! I especially like the pictures! (My favorite one, is, of course, the one of San Juan Island!)I like the American Girl Dolls pics too! Wow! I counted all your dolls in the Christmas pic, and you have fourteen! :O That's a lot!
    See you tomorrow!
    Love, ShiningHisLight97